Although there are many forms of automation, many IT tools, and many specialized algorithms, the most important tool for dealing with names is the one we all carry between our ears.  Here are some resources that can help you learn more about how names work.

Improved OFAC Name Screening : A white paper by Dr. Leonard Shaefer that can serve as a basic check-list of issues when dealing with four kinds of personal names that are prominent on the OFAC list and in the AML/KYC area more generally (Islamic, Hispanic, Russian, and Korean names).

Evaluating Risk in Name Screening Systems : How can you know what risks are well covered by your current name-screening system(s)? How well does your name-screening technology fit with your customer base, the sanctions lists that you scan and the risk-levels that you are willing to assume for various types of financial transactions? This white paper provides metrics and a methodology for identifying, measuring and monitoring those kinds of risks for financial institutions.

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